For major construction sites, heavy equipment is necessary for earth movement, aggregate transportation, excavation and site grading. One type of heavy equipment is the bulldozer. Usually very large and heavy, they are used often for site preparation on construction sites, both residential and commercial.

As with any piece of heavy equipment, they must be used in a way that ensures the safety of the operator and of the persons and workers in and about the machines. Operators of bulldozers, even ones with a lot of experience, can get fatigued and be distracted in operations. Safety training programs promote a culture of safety on the job and can prevent serious accidents. Operators have to be protected from injury on rollovers, so they are not thrown or crushed by the machine.

The US Department of Labor has promulgated recommendations for use of heavy equipment operation. Some of the recommendations include that all vehicles have service brake, emergency brake and parking brake system; that operators are properly trained; that vehicles are checked at the beginning of each shift; that vehicles are not operated in reverse with obstructed views without a rear signal alarm; vehicles should have roll-over protection for operators and from falling hazards; that vehicles are equipped with seat belts.

If you are injured by the unsafe use of a bulldozer or excavation equipment, you should consult with your attorney to see if your injury could have been reasonably prevented by the use of safety devices, vehicle direction procedures or other safety systems.

If you are injured and cannot return to work, your claim will involve the loss of wages, the loss of any benefits you may have, the loss of future income, the current, past and future costs of medical care and your claim for pain and suffering from the injuries sustained. If the injury results in death of a loved one, you should see your attorney as soon as possible as there are time limits under which claims must be brought.

So, the best rule is see your attorney early and get all of the information you need.