Roadway Construction

Roadway Construction

Each year, workers on roadway construction sites are seriously injured. They may even die as a result of lack of safety procedures and measures, which are for the most part preventable with the use of safety education and training. One aspect of safety is for workers to be highly visible to oncoming traffic and to other vehicles at the job site. This means wearing clothing that stands out, or high visibility safety apparel, particularly during nighttime operations.

ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, a national non-profit organization for uniformity in safety standards has promulgated rules for safety in construction, utility work, maintenance and repair activities. These safety standards include flagger safety, run over and back over prevention, equipment operator safety, illumination and the use of personal protective equipment. Further, worker safety training programs are available for education and ultimately, for prevention of injuries and death from roadway construction accidents.

Traffic control is another area of concern when dealing with roadway construction. There are methods and procedures for safe movement and guidance of traffic such that workers or other drivers are not placed harm and danger with the flow of vehicles. If these procedures are not followed, serious accidents can occur.

If you are injured on a roadway construction site, you should consult with your attorney to see if your injury could have been reasonably prevented by the use of safety devices, traffic management or other safety systems.

If you are injured and cannot return to work, your claim will involve the loss of wages, the loss of any benefits you may have, the loss of future income, the current, past and future costs of medical care and your claim for pain and suffering from the injuries sustained. If the injury results in death of a loved one, you should see your attorney as soon as possible as there are time limits under which claims must be brought. These time limits are known commonly as statutes of limitation. A failure to commence a legal action within the time permitted by law will bar your action in Court.

So, the best rule is see your attorney early and get all of the information you need.