Product Liability

Product Liability

Medical devices, such as total knees are a marvel to persons suffering from painful arthritis and loss of cartilage. These devices, when implanted correctly, can give new lift and mobility to persons otherwise limited in their movement, ambulation and strength. Every day, there are many new devices coming to market with the promise of improving the lives of persons with illness or disability.

However, many of the devices that are coming to market are found to have defects which can cause serious injury to users and patients. One such device that has been in the news is the power morcelltor. It was touted to be able to obliterate pelvic fibroid tumors but in other cases was also found to spread undetected cancers. Another such device is forced air warming blankets. These blankets are used in surgeries to warm patients in air conditioned operating rooms. The bad part is that the blankets were found to increase air circulation thereby increasing infection [MRSA] being spread into surgical wounds, resulting in deep joint infections in patients getting hip and knee implant surgeries.

Another problematic medical device is the inferior vena cava filter. These devices were meant to be temporary implantable filters to trap blood clots before entering the lungs. They are known to fail. As to treatment issues, problems arise in the failure to remove the device once the clot risk has ended.

Bad products are not solely found in medical devices. When a manufacturer realizes that a bad part is causing injury, they may recall a product to minimize claims of injury. One such recall involves Takata Airbag Recall. Here, the airbag in question may explode upon deployment sending metal parts into the face or body of drivers or occupants. The recalls involve about 8 million vehicles.

You can find information as to unsafe medical products at the FDA website:
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If you or someone you know is injured from use of a defective medical device or unsafe product, you should contact your attorney to obtain as much information as you can to see if you have a viable claim.